Below is a small rendering from a banner that i have produced of an Electric toothbrush that I have constructed from scratch so that every single part fits together exactly to very tight tolerances.


Below is a rendering of the first prototype of my Coffee table, im currently working on cutting out all the finger joints that hold all the panels together. It has been manufactured from 30mm Fijian cedar plywood. ill post progress shots soon.

Below is a rendering of my first prototype, over the next few days ill post up photos of the actual prototype, manufactured from 1.5mm stainless Steel

The Aston Martin V12 Zagato Endurance racer is the definition or Automotive pornography. Definitely one of the better looking cars of our generation, along with the Koenigsegg Agera.

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Dutch Designer Mieke Meijer has found a way to create Wood from recycled paper, which is interesting reversal from wood being used to make paper, If this is eventually accepted by mainstream industry it would be interesting to see it it’s possible to create a loop of recycled paper being used to make wood, and then that wood used to create paper once it’s life span ends, essentially creating a possibly endless loop of the same materials, significantly Working in the  environments favour

newspaper wood

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